Vessels and Visions

Book of poems by Janet Hujon and paintings by Gail de Cordova, for sale at The Saffron Walden Gallery.

Cambridgeshire Journal

We thought Balzano's - the lovely Italian deli-come-cafe on Cambridge's Cherry Hinton Road - couldn't get any better. Then Rocco and Becky, the husband and wife who run the place, decided to host a three-month exhibition of Gail de Cordova's artwork: inspired by the 'wild beauty' of the natural world, especially turbulent seas and skies, her paintings are a delight.

Alice Ryan, 2013

The Artist in Our Midst

A selection of works by leading contemporary east Anglian Artists

'Though seemingly abstract, Gail de Cordova's paintings evoke places, times, secrets, breezes, seasons, memories...and one is at a loss to define exactly how these are communicated; they just are. Every work is different yet they are all unmistakably Gail's, so strong is her visual style'.

Chris Williams - Williams Art, 2010

Local Secrets

'It's no wonder Gail enjoys the Cambridgeshire skies - her mixed media works are filled with a sense of natural light and she is a master at capturing its moods and our experience of it. Her works begin as responses to places and memories, particularly the frothy blues of Cornwall where she grew up and the earthy reds of Spain where she lived for a number of years.

She slowly works up a painting through layers of plaster, acrylics and oil paint, sand, pastels and tissue paper, so the works draw attention to their surface. But while tactile their depth compels you to take a prolonged gaze into their subject. Their compositions are suggestive of places and feelings without being definable. They often depict a scene at dawn or evening - times on the cusp of things, stepping out of the everyday and inviting meditation and calm. They are spiritual and joyful.'

Fiona Scoble, July 2010

Spirit of Place Exhibition Catalogue

'Gail de Cordova works with paint and tissue. An Isabelle Allende of visual art, her images invoke ghosts, nostalgia and mysticism together with the very real power of the lands she has known, primarily Cornwall, Spain and France. Her work spans time - from a child to an adult's remembrance. Caught, released or transformed by memory, emotion, colour and form.
A language of her own that speaks to us.'

Suzanne Jasilek, Suisho Gallery, 1999

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